Useful tips for becoming a mom blogger and not risking legal problems

Blog Mummy

They post on social media photos of strollers, baby bottles and fairytales with which they put their children to sleep. They are the bloggers and trend mothers. Blogmeter has compiled the ranking of the ten most influential mothers on Instagram in the first quarter of 2018. And it has discovered that there are more and more depopulated profiles in which the whole family appears, including children.

At the top of the ranking, ordered by the number of likes and comments, is the ‘Pozzoli’s Family’: for Alice Mangione and comrade Gianmarco Pozzoli, both comedians, the followers are 162 thousand. Naturally, bloggers famous for other reasons, Chiara Ferragni and the other top influencers of the Web are excluded from the ranking of Blogmeter. Only women who have opened social profiles as mothers have been considered. social his photos with Leone, his son with Fedez, but born on the web as a ‘fashion blogger’).

On Instagram they go really strong: more than 350 posts, a string of Stories , and dozens of shots in which, in addition to the couple, the two sons of one and three are portrayed. While playing at the beach, after swimming in the pool, or on a trip to the park. Often with the face clearly visible despite the very young age. Agi asked Giovanni Battista Gallus, lawyer expert in copyright, criminal law, protection of privacy and the right of information technology and new technologies, to outline the regulatory boundaries of a practice, posting photos of their minor children on the web, more and more common.

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