7 Reasons To Wear Nursing/Breastfeeding Clothes

Many mums-to-be think that buying nursing or Breastfeeding clothes is just another scam to earn the fashion industry some money. You may think that you will not need nursing clothes, after all, you can just lift up your shirt and nurse, or keep a blanket to cover you, but what about the times that you are in a dress? Or are in a public place where you cannot lift your tight shirt without removing it? Nursing is a natural and wonderful thing for a Mum, so why not make it as easy as possible? That is why nursing clothes exist. Here are seven reasons that you may wish you had nursing and Breastfeeding clothes.

• You are at a formal event and must wear a dress. While you can normally lift a shirt you cannot lift a dress to nurse your baby.

• You are outside and it is cold, do you really want to expose your belly to the cold air?

• You need the extra support. Breasts will change size and shape during the nursing process, and the top that was once easy to pull up without causing you to leak breast milk at the beginning of the day may not hold up after not feeding for 3 hours.

• Nursing more than one baby? It can be incredibly difficult to remain discreet when nursing two separate children in public.

• You are a large breasted woman to begin with. Larger breasted women will find they need twice the support while nursing. Which means they will love the fact that they can remain clothed while nursing.

• You are a working Mum. Working Mum's will find it easy to attach their pumps while still remaining clothed at work.

• When layers are not an option. In the hot summer months layering clothes for privacy while nursing is simply too much. A good nursing tank will allow you to nurse discreetly without wearing layers.

Written by Mums 2 Be