Breastfeeding Your Baby

Kath Shipham

Advantages of breastfeeding – Baby

Breastfeeding for a new mum & bub is a learnt skill and is not always an easy task. For mums who do manage to breastfeed we have listed many advantages to breast feed. 

Advantages of Breastfeeding Baby - Yasmin nursing tunic


• Breastmilk is constantly changing in its composition to meet the changing needs of the baby. It has the exact combination of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and sugars needed for the human infant at various stages of his growth.
• Babies who are breastfed are able to self-regulate their energy intake. Quite often, when babies are bottle fed we expect them to drink the amount that is in the bottle. This is never an issue for breastfed babies; when they have had enough, they stop feeding.
• Babies who are breastfed are usually exposed to different flavours in the breast milk depending on what foods the mother has eaten. Bottle fed babies are constantly exposed to the same flavour and in turn this may affect their acceptance of different flavoured solid foods when they are being introduced. read more

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